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E-Force Germ Warfare lyrics

Birth name
Germ Warfare
01 January, 2001

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Chemicals Affect The Nervous System
Generates A Slow Mournful Death
Bringing On Widespread Destruction
Realize They'll Soon Decay
See Them Fight Until Their Last Breathe
Dark Clouds Resound
Chemicals In The Air
A League Their Own
All Lives Get Spared
Helpless Reach For The Sky
They Wanted War
Where The Hell Am I
God Damned?
Killing All The Large Populations
Injection Antidotes Are Used
War Waged On Defenseless Nations
They Carry Out The Termination
Absolute Power Is Abused
Beneath The Ground
All Through The Earth
Release The Rounds
Radiation Burns
Toxic Energy
Human Waste
Restore New Anarchy
No Time To Wait
Wiped Out - Germ Warfare
Wiped Out - Germ Warfare
Revolt - The Agents Slay

Solidified Their Global Existence
Released The Radioactive Plague
Contaminate The Deadly Vapor
Feeding More Supreme Control
The Virus Still Remains
Wiped Out - Germ Warfare
Revolt - The Agents Slay
Breakdown - Enemy Slaves
Forlorn - Torture Reigns

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