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  MTV Names Rihanna “Rockstar Of The Year”

MTV Names Rihanna “Rockstar Of The Year”


Rihanna is called the new Rockstar of The Year by MTV. She got the honor for several reasons including her musical successes and a lot of attention given to her work and unusual personal life.

MTV also notes her bravery and eccentricity:

"[Rihanna] did what she wanted, with whomever she wanted, and didn't give a single, solitary f— about any of it. She flaunted her blunt-rolling abilities, posed nude more times than we can possibly count, re-connected with her controversial ex [Chris Brown] and led 150 journalists on a seven-day death-march around the globe."

Her innovative “777” tour also played An important role in Rihanna’s getting this title. She brought her fans and 150 journalists to 7 countries in 7 days.

Rihanna’s strange relationship with Chris Brown also played a part in the nomination. She kept her fans and journalists on edge when decided to keep working with her abusive ex-boyfriend and didn’t want to hear anyone’s opinion about it.

Overall she deserved it and it is doubtful that anyone has anything to say against it.