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  Rihanna And Chris Brown Together In Public

Rihanna And Chris Brown Together In Public


Rihanna and Chris Brown attend a basketball game in Los Angeles. The couple arrived to the game holding hands. The stars were whispering somethintg to each other throughout the whole game and didn’t even try to hide from the paparazzi.

This became the first Chris Brown’s and Rihanna’s appearance in public, in front of thousands of people. Before this the couple was posting their pictures in social networks and made secret dates in hotels and clubs.

Rihanna left Chris Brown in 2009 after he severally beat her up. Many fans still didn’t forgive him for such actions and many Rihanna’s fans and friends do not approve of her even coming close to him. However it seems as though the couple doesn’t waste their valuable time on listening to other people’s opinions. They seem to be very happy together.