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  The Hottest Singers Of All Times

The Hottest Singers Of All Times


Complex magazine decided to publish a list of “100 Hottest Female Singers Of All Times”. Female singers of different age, hair color, style and weight categories were included into the rating.

This way the following singers found themselves in the rating: Adele (92 place) , Lily Allen (85), Fergie (82), Cher (67), Shirley Manson (65), Taylor Swift (64), Norah Jones (59), Lana del Rey (56), Whitney Houston (51), Lady Gaga (47), Nelly Furtado (41), Katy Perry (39), Kylie Minogue (25), Tina Turner (22), Christina Aguilera  (18), Spice Girls (15) and Britney Spears (12).

The first place belongs to the unforgettable Beyonce, who left Jennifer Lopez behind.

The top 10 Hottest Female Singers Of All Times

1.    Beyonce;
2.    Jennifer Lopez;
3.    Debbie Harry;
4.    Shakira;
5.    Rihanna;
6.    Nancy Sinatra;
7.    Mariah Carey;
8.    Sade;
9.    Madonna;
10.    Aaliyah.