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Sad Theory Cry Not lyrics

Birth name
Cry Not
01 January, 1998

  Lyrics to Cry Not

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Words slip away from my hands,
Blend with sweat and rot down into your mouth.

Come and take a look: it's me, over there, flying over the fog from your dirty breath.
Hiding the dizzying sound of your hair. Hiding the dizzying sound of your shoes,

Listen: someone is entering this noisy room, there is no space out, so, please, come inside,
Have you swallowed them? Have you heard what I gave you?
I may slay these words with blades, recovering tender wounds with tears
Deception is my burnt wing, I'll take you to my promised land

Then I can just step you on the floor, and you'll know: pain sustains my heavy weight
Around your teeth. Cry not.

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